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Tank Storming Europe

War Machine is released to rave reviews

It’s another busy week in The War Office as ‘War Machine’ was released in the USA last week. The album that has taken Europe by storm is now available throughout stores across the States and online at MVD.
The War Cabinet have issued the following statement to all Tank fans in Europe.
"Mick, Cliff, Doogie, Chris and Grav would like to say a very special thanks to all our fans in Europe who have helped make ‘War Machine’ the success that it has become. The album has exceeded all of our expectations in terms of sales and fan reaction and we are truly humbled by the stack of compliments and praise we have received from all over the continent. We also want to thank all Metal journalists across Europe who have given us staggeringly good reviews of ‘War Machine’ and we’re going to bring you a blistering and memorable live show when we hit the road in 2011.”

Tank have been cited as influences by massive bands such as Metallica and Nirvana. The history of this legendary band goes back a long way and is full of great albums, alcohol fuelled debauchery and several line up changes.

Tank Official Website


"This just kicked my ass from note one till the last note faded away…"   Metal Core Fanzine, USA

"A flawless, classic metal album that leaves nothing to be desired."
Metal Glory, Germany, 7.5/10

"To these ears, the band has succeeded in all of their stated War aims, and this is the band’s best album since 1984’s Honour and Blood."   Metal As Fuck, Australia

"Put any preconceptions you may have about this band aside and check out the finest traditional metal band currently treading the boards. Outstanding."   Sonic Abuse, UK 7.5/10

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