Apple Ipad just launched


6 Possibilities that the iPad Opens up for Photographers

  • Portfolio sharing with potential clients
    Keep your best photos on your iPad, and flick through them on the gorgeous 10” screen with potential clients. Organize by album to show different shoot styles, etc.
  • Evaluate photos on the shoot
    Use the camera attachment to download photos on-site and evaluate them on a larger screen than your DSLR’s for quality; make decisions about what to shoot.
  • Live preview/download from your SLR
    There’s an app already that will let you control your DSLR from your iPhone, a similar app on the iPad might let you control your camera and instantly download the photo so you can see it really big. Consider it a big, wireless, control panel for your camera. 10” LCD instead of 3”, and all the controls you need to shoot. Imagine if you could autofocus your lens just by touching a scene on an iPad screen. Awesome!
  • Editing Photos with your Fingers!
    Many photographers already use graphics tablets to edit photos. There’s already photo editing apps on the iPhone, but iPad photo editing apps could take advantage of a larger screen and faster processor to let you make finer adjustments like with a tablet, but using your fingers.
  • Gorgeous Photo eBooks
    eBooks haven’t really worked for photo books yet because all the readers all black and white and use e-ink. No more! We expect high-quality photo books in the iBooks store taking advantage of the iPad’s beautiful screen.
  • There’s tons of potential-but-as-yet-unseen goodies that an iPad could feature: for example, the ability to “flick” photos straight from an iPhone to an iPad. Once the thing’s actually released into the wild, there’s no telling what people will invent! The only limit is our imagination.

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