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Limp Bizkit at Sonisphere New pictures and review

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Review from Metalized Magazine by Matt Bond

After such a blinding set at Download not too long ago, Limp Bizkit had set the bar incredibly high for themselves. Whilst they didn’t quite reach that standard, Fred Durst and co. still managed to hold their own in a line-up that included Metallica, Lamb of God and Machine Head (thus meaning that most of the watching crowd were fans of said artists). It was possible that Limp Bizkit could’ve been eaten alive (no pun intended) but you could argue by the reactions that Break Stuff, Rollin, and Bookie received, by the end of the set they had about 85% of the crowd on their side. All we can do now is sit and hope that the new album delivers as much as the band have live these past few months.

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