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Metallica at Sonisphere New Pictures and review

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Review from Metalized magazine by Matt Bond

The festival headliners Metallica stepped onto the Apollo stage and showed EVERYBODY else how things are supposed to be done. Their opening barrage of Blackened, Creeping Death, Fuel, Of Wolf and Man and Fade to Black grabbed the crowd by the scruff of the neck and did not let go until the final note had been played. It’s a testament to both the quality of both their songs and live show that Metallica, despite appearing in the UK 5 times in the last year, still manage to make hits like Sad But True and One sound as absolutely vital as when they were first unleashed so many years ago. Kirk Hammett was once again on fine form, delivering solo after solo after lead break with flawless execution and a style and swagger that only a heavy metal legend could carry off.
The undoubted highlight of the set for many Metallica fans was Dyer’s Eve being played straight into …And Justice for All. Closely following that was the homage to the UK’s own Queen with a cover of Stone Cold Crazy. With a Kill Em’ All double to finish in the shape of Hit The Lights and Seek and Destroy, Metallica claimed the inaugural Sonisphere festival for their own, laying down an incredibly high standard for whoever will step into the headliner’s shoes next year.

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