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Nine Inch Nails at Sonisphere Review

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Review from metalized magazine by matt bond

Nine Inch Nails took to the Apollo Stage for what is widely expected to be their final performance on these shores after their announcement that they will be withdrawing from the live arena. Although hardened NIN fans will argue it was a great set, for a band’s curtain call in this country the set consisted mainly of downbeat tracks played around very little on stage banter from Trent Reznor & Co. Just about managing to mumble out a “thanks” or “this next song is…” Reznor could just about manage to say “thank you” by the end of the set.
However lacking he was in crowd interaction, it’s hard not be impressed by the musical ability the man is blessed with. Moving between a variety of instruments during the show, the only thing Reznor didn’t play was the drums, although an impromptu drum solo would’ve lightened the mood, it was always a safe bet that it wouldn’t happen. It’s unfortunate to see NIN leave the touring circuit, however what’s even more unfortunate is the unenthusiastic goodbye which the UK fans have received.

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