Skindred at Sonisphere 2009

Review from Metalized Magazine by Matt Bond There’s one thing that is astounding to believe about Skindred’s slot at this year’s Sonisphere, and that’s the fact that they are consistently acclaimed as one of this country’s finest live acts, yet they are second on the Saturn stage on the first day! Nonetheless, Benji Webbe and co. are blistering from start to finish. With breakthrough track ‘Pressure’ and new album anthems’ Trouble’ and ‘Ratrace’ giving the crowd their fill of infectious rock/reggae/metal crossover treats. Mr. Webbe addresses the crowd as though having a pint with an old mate and as the Continue Reading

Nine Inch Nails at Sonisphere Review

Review from metalized magazine by matt bond Nine Inch Nails took to the Apollo Stage for what is widely expected to be their final performance on these shores after their announcement that they will be withdrawing from the live arena. Although hardened NIN fans will argue it was a great set, for a band’s curtain call in this country the set consisted mainly of downbeat tracks played around very little on stage banter from Trent Reznor & Co. Just about managing to mumble out a “thanks” or “this next song is…” Reznor could just about manage to say “thank you” Continue Reading

Metallica at Sonisphere New Pictures and review

Review from Metalized magazine by Matt Bond The festival headliners Metallica stepped onto the Apollo stage and showed EVERYBODY else how things are supposed to be done. Their opening barrage of Blackened, Creeping Death, Fuel, Of Wolf and Man and Fade to Black grabbed the crowd by the scruff of the neck and did not let go until the final note had been played. It’s a testament to both the quality of both their songs and live show that Metallica, despite appearing in the UK 5 times in the last year, still manage to make hits like Sad But True Continue Reading

Limp Bizkit at Sonisphere New pictures and review

Review from Metalized Magazine by Matt Bond After such a blinding set at Download not too long ago, Limp Bizkit had set the bar incredibly high for themselves. Whilst they didn’t quite reach that standard, Fred Durst and co. still managed to hold their own in a line-up that included Metallica, Lamb of God and Machine Head (thus meaning that most of the watching crowd were fans of said artists). It was possible that Limp Bizkit could’ve been eaten alive (no pun intended) but you could argue by the reactions that Break Stuff, Rollin, and Bookie received, by the end Continue Reading