IANAI Shares Lyric Video For New Musical Offering ‘Elitha’ | Debut Album ‘Sunir’ Out 10th June via Svart Records

To speak to Trevenial, the single-entity, multi-instrumentalist voice from the other side of the veil, is to speak to a spirit that transcends the veil of this world and crosses borders beyond time and place. But you will not speak to Trevenial, but hear the words put forth in IANAI. IANAI is the essence of music that will permeate culture and influence without thought of boundaries or convention. IANAI is mythos in the making.  Last month IANAI shared their first musical offering ‘Savoj Icoil’ with you. Today, they reveal new single ‘Elitha’ and with it a lyric video. ‘Elitha’ features Continue Reading