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Download Festival 2019 Review

by Howard Keogh – Ligger in Chief and Satanic Cyclist from Hell


Some places mean different things to different people. If you mention Donington UK to a historian he may refer you the historic references in the Domesday Book of 1086. A motor racing enthusiast on the other hand will most likely tell you about the famous Donington Park Race Track and perhaps mention that Since 2013, Norton Motorcycles has had its head office in Donington Hall.

To any self-respecting rock fan however, there is only one true meaning, Donington is the spiritual home of Download – rock music’s greatest festival which has been running almost every year since 1980. The festival has grown in popularity and under various names has played host to some of the biggest names in rock and metal from around the globe. However, just because the monsters of rock have played here does not mean there is no room for the young pretenders to peddle their wares. Some of the best acts have cut their teeth on the smaller stages at Download, where they are all welcomed by both the organisers and the crowd alike.

As we know, even the gods of rock haven’t managed to control the weather in Donington and this year is no exception. Thursday is pretty wet but based on some high-profile mainstream media reports coming out in the lead up to Download you could have been inclined to pack a small inflatable boat or even make a start on building yourself an ark!


Doubtless the revellers who elected to come early to the site were subjected to some incredibly challenging weather and there were a few who decided to call it a day. However, all credit to the Andy Copping and the Download team, who really get stuck in, making layout adjustments and spreading tonnes of straw around the arena each day in a mammoth effort to reduce the impact of the weather on the site and the music fans. In true defiant Download style, the vast majority of fans decided the show must go on….and so it did regardless of the rain.

Navigating Download festival can be a daunting task for music fans, as the site is massive and the number of stages poses another problem, choice! There are always difficult decisions to be made as your favourite bands may conflict. However the sheer fun of Download is what makes it so special. Despite a very difficult start to the festival, spirits are high and the costumes are out again this year as many fans dress up for the event. So far, we have spotted Mario, Santa and his elves, and the Mother from the Alien movie series amongst others, and I promise you we have only had one beer!

This year’s festival sees an extra environmental effort made, to reduce the use of single use plastic bottles. Another addition is a little light relief in the form of “Doom Yoga”, and Mindfulness sessions aptly named “Mind the dog”

Now lets go listen to some music…

Day 1 – FRIDAY 15th June


Tesla is the first band up to start proceedings on the main stage today. The band formed in Sacramento California in 1981 by bassist Brian Wheat and guitarist Frank Hannon. The band started their existence under the moniker Earthshaker which later changed to City Kidd. The band changed their name to Tesla in 1996 releasing the album “Mechanical Resonance.” They have toured extensively with Def Leppard in the past. This collaboration resulted in Phil Collen producing their most recent album “Shock” which was released in March. Their set today has a few technical difficulties and includes the power ballad “Modern day cowboy” and “Cumin’ Atcha Live.”

Super group Deadland Ritual, whose line up completed with the addition of Geezer Butler in 2018, play the Zippo encore stage. Unfortunately, they too suffer a few technical difficulties with sound but these get resolved. The band members include Steve Stevens and Matt Sorum. The set list draws significantly on the Black Sabbath catalogue with the addition of "Symptom of the Universe," "Neon Knights," and "War Pigs" included in the set. The other band members back catalogue also get a look in with the addition of "Rebel yell" and "Slither." The band’s first single "Down in flames" released in 2018 also gets an airing. If you want to catch these guys they are also set to play Hellfest very soon.

2019 Whitesnake at Download_0058 by Enda Madden

Whitesnake are back with their new album "Flesh and Blood" and the mighty David Coverdale looks fresher and fitter than ever. His voice too is in fine form as he charms his way through the set.

2019 Whitesnake at Download_0135 by Enda Madden

Today’s menu is full of old favourites and includes "Bad boys," "Love ain’t no stranger," "Slow and easy," and the single "Shut up and kiss me" from the latest album.

2019 Whitesnake Wide at Download_0021 by Enda madden

However the highlight of the set has to be “Still of the Night” with its slow build to its epic finale. Fans have had a bit of a wait for new material from Whitesnake, with the last album being released in 2015 but the new release sees them make a glorious return. With a string of concerts planned across Europe, including Hellfest, and Graspop festivals, these boys are definitely back in full flight. Catch them while you can.

2019 Opeth at Download_0143 by Enda Maddenjpg

Opeth make a welcome return to Download with another pitch perfect performance from these Swedish masters of light and shade. Greeting the crowd in his own inimitable style Mikael Akerfeldt reminisces about dancing with one of Abba’s lovely ladies. Almost an Opeth trademark now is a short set of very long songs and Mikael Akerfeldt admits it openly. For those hoping for a preview of their imminent new album, it may be disappointing; however this is more than compensated for with a typically flawless performance that include gems like “Ghost of Perdition,” “The drapery falls,” and “Deliverance.” The sun makes a welcome appearance during Opeth’s performance, and Mr. Akerfeldt makes the crowd jealous, as he announces the band travel to Malaga to play on the beach. These guys are touring extensively across Europe for the rest of the year, so if they come to your town, don’t miss them!

2019 Slash at Download_0107 by Enda Madden

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators make a welcome return to Download this year. The set includes a sprinkling of Slash’s solo work and a blistering performance of the Guns ‘n’ Roses classic "Nightrain."

2019 Slash at Download_0189 by Enda Madden

Slash is on top form pacing the stage like a tiger while Myles Kennedy knocks out the tunes. Another highlight of the set was “Anastasia” The tour continues throughout Europe until mid July before moving stateside for Canadian and U.S. dates

2019 Def Leppard Wide at Download_0007 by Enda Madden

This year Def Leppard add another Download headline slot to their tally. Donington has always held a special place in their hearts, as it was where Rick Allen made his arena comeback after a horrific car accident in which he lost his arm. As with the recent tour, today’s offering features the band’s 1987 "Hysteria" album played in its entirety.

2019 Def Leppard at Download_0134 by Enda Madden

Joe Elliot introduces Northern Ireland’s Vivian Campbell on guitar and after "Hysteria" we are treated to a pure gold selection that includes "Let it go", "Let’s get rocked," "Photograph," and the classic "Rock of ages."

2019 Def Leppard at Download_0208 by Enda Madden

The polished performance is a fitting finish to a great day’s music.

Day 2 – SATURDAY 16th June

:2019 Alien Weaponry at Download_0156 by Enda Madden

Saturday’s openers on Main stage are Alien Weaponry from New Zealand. Their set opens with a Haka-like chant, which draws applause even before the music starts. After a brief delay things get underway. The band’s set includes "PC Bro," "Holding my breath," and "Kai Tanata". The 3 members of Alien Weaponry all have Māori ancestry, and use their native tongue in a number of their songs. The band was formed in 2010, by brothers Henry and Lewis de Jong. Recently the band made a 10 part documentary documenting their European tour entitled "Alien Weaponry shake Europe". Their album "Tu" debuted at number 5 in the New Zealand album charts on its release in June 2018. As we see more and more bands beginning to sing in their own languages, possibly inspired by the mighty Rammstein’s success, this opens up a whole new exciting realm in music as we see more obands using their native language in their music.

2019 Underside at Download_0069 by Enda Madden

Next up on the Dogtooth stage are Underside from Nepal. Exploding onto the Nepal music scene with their own unique brand of metal, these guys are not afraid to take on great tasks. They instigated the “Silence festival,” Nepal’s first annual metal festival. The band was also involved in fundraising efforts, following the massive earthquake in 2015, that left many parts of Kathmandu in ruins. Underside responded immediately raising emergency funding that helped rebuild a school. With such an unshakable determination, it is no wonder they have won over the crowd here today. The band’s stage show includes a masked demon dancer, who convulses to the beat of the songs. Once again there are a few sound issues during the set, leaving the demon dancer alone onstage briefly, but after a quick resolution the singer apologises, thanking the crowd for their patience the show gets underway again.

The Zippo encore stage is our next stop to marvel at the intricate progressive instrumental style of Animals as Leaders. This American band from Los Angeles is well up for the fray, and if today is any measure of the European appetite for the band’s trademark tunes, the upcoming Scandinavian and European dates will go down a treat.

2019 Behemoth WIDE at Download 2019_0054 - SOFT by Enda Madden

Darkness might be more fitting for the next act on the main stage, the mighty Behemoth from Poland. They make their entrance sporting Black Death masks, to a chant of “I will not forgive.” As the set starts an inferno of pyrotechnics are unleashed, and the ritual begins.

2019 Behemoth at Download_0072 by Enda Madden

Behemoth have planned an extensive European tour in advance of their US dates in July.

2019 Behemoth WIDE at Download 2019_0096 by Enda Madden

They have always attracted controversy, and currently, an Irish politician is trying to have their upcoming Limerick show banned in Ireland. Behemoth front man, Nergal has responded “Nihil novi. Another attention whore which Poland’s politics is full of, but do we really need that kind of publicity? Nope. But I’m thankful regardless!” Either way the band have a fast-growing fan base with many upcoming shows sold out.

2019 Skindred at Download_0029 by Enda Madden

Skindred have secured a Main stage appearance this year at Download following many previous appearances. Despite the pouring rain, front man Benji Webbe manages to get the crowd singing, crouching, and generally jumping about. Skindred whose album "Big tings" was released last year continue, with a string of dates after Download that include Hellfest in France. During the set Reef’s Gary Stringer joins Benji onstage for the track “Machine” Benji is looking like a lean mean rocking machine after his recent well publicized weight loss, and he makes light of the inclement weather while the crowd are lapping it up. The band’s trademark crowd participation “the Newport helicopter” is rolled out during “Warning”. and fans everywhere are removing their T-shirts and swinging them wildly over their heads. This as always makes for an amazing sight. This has been another superb high energy performance from a great live band.

The Hu in the Dogtooth tent attract a massive crowd which overflows out the sides of the tent due to a combination of the heavy rain and the Bands huge popularity. It appears Download may have misjudged this one, as The Hu could easily have been on a bigger stage. The band hail from Mongolia and have s unique style, incorporating traditional Mongolian instruments like the Morin khuur. Singing is in the ancient Mongolian throat singing style giving the band a very unique sound. The current tour takes in more UK and European dates before heading stateside.

2019 Trivium WIDE at Download_0040 by Enda Madden

Trivium who have racked up eight studio albums since their formation in Florida in 1999, have attracted a huge crowd to the Main stage. The weather has improved, and this only adds to the excitement of the fans and the band. The set today includes “Like light to the flies,” a blistering rendition of “Strife” and “In Waves.” The show is augmented by liberal use of Pyrotechnics and smoke, which add to the atmosphere.

2019 Trivium WIDE at Download_0137 by Enda Madden

After the last tour was received so well, it is great to see Trivium at Download. The band has grown, and they admit they have their sights set now on a festival headline slot. Following this tour they plan to start writing material for a new album, so there is much to look forward to!

2019 Stone Temple Pilots at Download_0198 by Enda Madden

Stone Temple Pilots are forging an exciting new chapter in their career at the moment with their self-titled album doing well and providing fresh new music from the band. Many veteran bands would have given up after the loss of two lead singers but Stone Temple Pilots have forged ahead and recruited an incredible new singer in the shape of Michigan’s Jeff Gutt. He doesn’t disappoint today and showcases his amazing range and control which fit perfectly into the grunge legends massive sound.

2019 Stone Temple Pilots at Download_0280 by Enda Madden

Highlights include ‘The Art of Letting Go’, ‘Dead and Bloated’ and ‘Sex Type Thing’.

2019 Halestorm at Download_0091 by Enda Madden

Halestorm are no strangers to Download festival. Enter Lzzy Hale who delivers an absolutely amazing vocal performance. In her new leather clad Joan Jett look, she and her brother Arejay open up and let loose on the crowd in a combined vocal and percussive assault on the senses. Lzzy thanks the crowd and says she is proud to be a woman and she gets all the women present to roar. The set opens with "Untouchable" and this is followed swiftly with a request from Lzzy to little brother Arejay to let loose. Arejay duly obliges with a percussive attack that is both technically amazing and entertaining to watch.. Staples like "Ms Hyde" and "Freak like me" are rolled out and as usual Arejay gets the opportunity to trash his drum kit during the obligatory drum solo.

2019 Halestorm at Download_0169 by Enda Madden

Today’s set is wrapped up with "Love bites (so do I)" and "I miss the misery". "Love bites (so do I)" sees Lzzy joined onstage for a duet by Asami from the band Lovebites who also played a set at Download.

2019 Slipknot at Download_0071 by Enda Madden

Slipknot are always a big draw at Download and as soon as they appear on stage the whole arena erupts. Their energy is contagious, and the crowd has contracted the disease. Corey Taylor is sporting his new mask which has attracted some negative feedback from fans. No-one cares tonight though as the maggots are in the mood for a mosh pit.

2019 Slipknot at Download_0166 by Enda Madden

The high octane setlist includes "People =s***," "Psychosocial," "Disasterpiece," and "The devil in I". What better way to end an evening than in the company of Slipknot.

2019 Slipknot at Download_0084 by Enda Madden

One final thought on Slipknot is that at the festival, a poster surfaced hinting at the possibility of live gigs in 2020. With the new album "We are not your kind" set for release in August via Roadrunner records, the prospect of more live shows can only add to the anticipation.

Day 3 – SUNDAY 17th June:

2019 I Prevail at Download_0071 by Enda Madden

I prevail are the first act on Main stage today and they put in a great set for the festival’s early bird punters. The band hail from Michigan in the U.S. and released their latest album "Trauma" in March of this year. Vocal duties are shared between Brian Burkheiser on clean vocals while Eric Vanlerberghe looks after the vocal heavy lifting.

2019 I Prevail at Download_0042 by Enda Madden

The new album is well represented in today’s set with the inclusion of “Bow Down”, "Rise above it", "Gasoline", and the super heavyweight "Deadweight."

2019 I Prevail at Download_0083 by Enda Madden

Although their slot is early they put in a rousing performance waking up the bleary eyed fans. These guys are definitely one to watch for 2019

2019 Godsmack at Download_0103 by Enda Madden

Godsmack from Boston, Massachusetts are hot on the heels of I prevail as the next act up on the main stage. The band has admitted to being excited to play the U.K. again and open with "1000HP," then "Something different.” Then it’s time for a duel, in which the drummer and singer battle it out on 2 drum kits through a medley featuring AC/DCs “Back in black,” Aerosmith’s "Walk this way," Metallica’s "Enter Sandman" and Fleetwood Mac’s "Oh well." This has been a lively and varied performance from these stateside rockers.

2019 Amon Amarth WIDE at Download_0071 by Enda Madden

Amon Amarth did a question and answer session in the press tent today, and they announced a tour in November with Arch Enemy and Hypocrisy. Answering a question from an Irish Journalist about their upcoming gigs, the band say they are looking forward to another Viking invasion of Limerick after 1000 years. They last appeared on Download Main stage in 2016 and since then have been growing steadily popularity.

2019 Amon Amarth WIDE at Download_0073 by Enda Madden

When they hit the onstage, they open with "The pursuit of Vikings," followed by "First kill." A Viking battle is recreated, as two warriors do battle during "The way of Vikings." The latest album "Berserker", which was released in May, is on show today with "Crack the Sky", "Shield wall" and "Raven’s flight". The band compliment the crowd on their determination in the mud and call a toast raising their drinking horns with a "Skol" before launching into the song "Raise your horns." Amon Amarth really are on top of their game today.

Lamb of God  bring with them a very energetic show. As the sun shines down for the one of the few times in the 3 day festival, vocalist Randy Blythe greets the crowd and promises to f*** the place up, before launching into "Walk with me in hell" and hails the crowd of "maniacs" for their persistence in the bad weather. "512" is next with its reminiscences of Blythe’s time held in custody in relation to the death of a fan at one of the bands concerts in the Czech Republic. Lamb of God certainly know how to work a crowd..

2019 Fever 333 at Download_0122 by Enda Madden

On a visit to the Avalanche stage, we catch the up and coming hot ticket – Fever333, who are currently touring on the back of their debut album "Strength in numb333rs." Their songs are politically charged, tackling social issues like racism, homophobia and sexual discrimination. The crown lap it up and if the response of the Download crowd is any indication, their other U.K. dates (which the trio also like to call demonstrations) should be extremely successful. Their style cites musical influences like Rage against the machine, Black flag and Public enemy.

Dream Theater have attracted a large crowd for their set on the Zippo encore stage. Currently touring their 14th studio album "Distance over time" the band show no signs of slowing down. The new album gets plenty of exposure, as the band open with "Untethered angel," and also include "Fall into the light" and "Barstool warrior." Dream Theater are no doubt technically talented and virtuoso players but sometimes it just feels like there is something missing. They close their set with a rousing rendition "Pull me under."

2019 Slayer at Download_0202 by Enda Madden

Finally it’s that bitter sweet moment, the final U.K. performance by Slayer, one of the big 4 giants of thrash metal. Anthrax, one of the other 3, played the same stage just earlier in the day, a testament (no pun intended) to the choice of bands playing Download. A huge crowd has gathered to witness the spectacle and one can’t help wondering if Slayer should have been billed as headliners on the main stage. "Repentless" starts the show as Slayer move up the gears with "War ensemble" and "Mandatory suicide". The band thanks their fans for hanging out. Paul Bostaph puts in a magnificent performance behind the drum kit, and the rest of the band are not too shabby either.

2019 Slayer at Download_0115 by Enda Madden

As the show progresses, they go into overdrive with "Seasons in the abyss", "Hell awaits", "South of heaven" and "Raining blood" all coming in quick succession. At this stage the crowd is at fever pitch with circle pits aplenty. The last U.K. performance of Slayer and the associated mayhem, finally draws to a close with the finale "Angel of death" but then Slayer fans don’t cry do they?

Tool are booked to close Download 2019 and may have certainly lost more than a few audience members due to the set time clash with Slayer’s final U.K. show on the Zippo encore stage. However, even disregarding that fact, the crowd numbers are definitely smaller than that usually seen for a Download headline act. Notwithstanding the draw of Slayer, this is a rare treat for any hardcore Tool fan, as live performances in the U.K. don’t happen too often. The band’s last Download performance was 13 years ago. The set opens with AEnema. The backdrop on the big screens light up with imagery that melds perfectly with the music to provide the audience with a veritable "audio visual trip." Old favourites like "The Pot," and "Schism" are there, and we are treated to some new material in the form of "Invincible" and "Descending." The set is brought to a close with "Stinkfist" and a group of happy Tool fans have had their dreams come true tonight at Download.


And so, we come to the end of another weekend of music, beer, fun, and well…lots of mud, but you know as usual it has all been worth it. Once again Download Festival has proved itself as the great survivor. Despite the bad weather and the unfair press, the event has once again proved itself a triumph of Rock n’ Roll spirit over adversity.

Roll on 2020. We can’t wait!

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NAPALM DEATH Announce More Touring Activity & New Album Update


UK Grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH never rest. Currently working on a new studio album to follow up 2015’s acclaimed “Apex Predator – Easy Meat” effort as well as 2018’s “Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs” compilation release, NAPALM DEATH are now announcing a next European touring run for the summer, a tour of Russia in September as well as a return to North America in October with Municipal Waste and label-mates Sick Of It All.

NAPALM DEATH’s frontman Mark “Barney” Greenway checked in with the following status update comment: 

“The stinky van is calling again, and this summer looks to me like we’re reaching more parts of Europe than we have done in quite a few summers. Macedonia in July looks to be one that sticks out, as I recall that our last gig there was in the midst of the miserable Balkans war – it was that long ago. On another note, I know people are probably wondering about the next album. It is coming, we promise. Unforeseen circumstances and the kind of recurring touring schedule you see in front of your eyes have conspired to string it out quite a bit. It’s gonna be a multi-faceted rasper though, I think. Some nice ‘n’ quirky cover songs too. All will be revealed soon – just getting on with artwork and last couple of lyrics and all the usual window dressing. Alongside that, if it comes off, a nifty associated split release with a very-definitely-not-grindcore band is in the planning, which will neatly skip around convention and stereotype. nAnd why not. Cheers all.”

Here is a list of all upcoming dates for NAPALM DEATH, kicking off with next week’s appearance at Germany’s Full Force festival:

NAPALM DEATH – Live 2019:

28.06. Gräfenhainichen (Germany) – Full Force
02.07. Paris (France) – Le Gibus
03.07. Nantes (France) – Le Ferrailleur
04.07. Montpellier (France) – Secret Place
05.07. Barcelona (Spain) – Rock Fest
06.07. Limoges (France) – CCM John Lennon
07.07. Geneva (Switzerland) – L’Usine
10.07. Munich (Germany) – Backstage
11.07. Vienna (Austria) – Arena
12.07. Dunaújváros (Hungary) – Rockmaraton
14.07. Dojran (Macedonia) – D Festival
26.07. Lulworth Castle (UK) – Camp Festival
08.08. Winchester (UK) – Boomtown Fair

09.08. Kortrijk (Belgium) – Alcatraz Festival
10.08. Jaromer (Czech Republic) – Brutal Assault
11.08. Vagos Portugal) – Vagos Metal Fest
13.08. Cagliari (Italy) – Cueva Club
14.08. Brescia (Italy) – Festa Di Radio Onda D’urto
15.08. Pescara (Italy) – Frantic Fest
16.08. Dinkelsbühl (Germany) – Summer Breeze
17.08. Chiaromonte (Italy) – Agglutination Festival
18.08. Saint-Nolff (France) – Motocultor Festival
14.09. Leicester (UK) – Uprising @ o2 Academy
19.09. Kirov (Russia) – Gaudi Club
20.09. Izhevsk (Russia) – Pinta Club
21.09. Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia) – Premio
23.09. Rostov On Don (Russia) – Don Zal
24.09. Krasnodar (Russia) – Arena Hall
26.09. Tallinn (Estonia) – Tapper Club
27.09. St Petersburg (Russia) – Zal Ozhidanya 
28.09. Moscow (Russia) – Station Hall

Facebook event


Municipal Waste, NAPALM DEATH, Sick Of It All & Take Offense – US Tour 2019:

03.10. Dallas, TX (USA) – Gas Monkey Live *
04.10. Austin, TX (USA) – Mohawk *
05.10. Houston, TX (USA) – White Oak Music Hall *
06.10. Birmingham, AL (USA) – Iron City
07.10. Atlanta, GA (USA) – The Masquerade *
09.10. Richmond, VA (USA) – The Broadberry
10.10. Croydon, PA (USA) – Neshaminy Creek Brewery
12.10. New York, NY (USA) – Bowery Ballroom
13.10. Worcester, MA (USA) – Rock N Shock Festival
14.10. Syracuse, NY (USA) – Westcott Theater
16.10. Detroit, MI (USA) – The Majestic Theater
17.10. Chicago, IL (USA) – Metro
18.10. Lawrence, KS (USA) – Granada Theater
19.10. Lincoln, NE (USA) – Bourbon Theater
20.10. Denver, CO (USA) – Summit Music Hall
22.10. San Francisco, CA (USA) – Slim’s
23.10. Los Angeles, CA (USA) – Teragram Ballroom

* + Revocation, VOIVOD, Psycroptic, SKELETAL REMAINS & Conjurer.
 And rest assured, even more dates are to follow…

NAPALM DEATH’s latest release, “Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs”, gathers a total of 31 songs in a playing time of over 90 minutes, including rarities and exclusive earworms spanning 2004-2016 from the whirling gene pool of noise that is NAPALM DEATH. 

Check a few “Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs” samples here:

“Standardization” (video)
“Call That An Option?”
“Oh So Pseudo” 

Order the release HERE!

And stay tuned for further details on NAPALM DEATH’s upcoming album to be revealed soon…


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ENTOMBED A.D. Release First Single “Torment Remains” From New Album


Today Entombed A.D. release the first track from their new album “Bowels Of Earth”, which will be released August 30th. The band are poised to return with one of 2019’s most devastating, deathly statements. “Bowels Of Earth” represents a huge leap forward for these gnarly veterans. Faster, tighter and more viscerally crushing than anything they have produced before.

“Dear Metalhead, hope you are well! 
For you here to enjoy, this new track of our forthcoming album Bowels of Earth! 
We sincerely hope and believe that it will melt your brain into mush… 
Best death wishes and curses from Entombed A.D. ” 

– Nico Elgstrand

Listen to/Stream “Torment Remains” HERE!


“Bowels Of Earth” Track List:

Torment Remains  Elimination  Hell Is My Home  Bowels Of Earth  Bourbon Nightmare  Fit For A King  Worlds Apart  Through The Eyes Of The Gods  I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive (Hank Williams Cover)  To Eternal Night

“Bowels Of Earth” will be available in the following formats:

Ltd. CD Digipak & Patch (incl. exclusive Motörhead cover of “Back At The Funny Farm”) Ltd. Gatefold black LP+CD & Poster Digital album Ltd. Gatefold dark green LP+CD & Poster Ltd. Gatefold red LP+CD & Poster Ltd. Gatefold silver LP+CD & Poster Ltd. Gatefold golden LP+CD & Poster Ltd. Gatefold white LP+CD & Poster Ltd. Gatefold neon orange LP+CD & Poster

Get your format of choice HERE!

Make sure to catch Entombed A.D. live on one of the dates below!

Entombed A.D. Live:

2019-06-02 Metal East Festival, Kharkiv (UA)
2019-06-07 Vi på Värmdö-festivalen, Stockholm (SE)
2019-06-27 Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury (UK) 
2019-06-28 Abyss Festival, Bulle (CH)
2019-07-07 EXIT Festival, Novi Sad (RS)
2019-07-20 Gefle Metal Festival, Gävle (SE)
2019-07-26 Laurus Nobilis, Famalicão (PT)
2019-09-29 Iberian Warriors Metal Fest, Zaragoza (ES)
2019-10-19 Metal Inferno Festival, Paderborn (DE)
2019-12-07 Ruhrpott Metal Meeting, Oberhausen (DE)

Also, mark your calendars red for the Hell Over Europe III tour with label mates ABORTED & BAEST

Hell Over Europe III



Presented by Metal Hammer

18/10/2019 UK London – The Dome
19/10/2019 DE Paderborn – Metal Inferno Festival
20/10/2019 DE Leipzig – Taubchentall
21/10/2019 CZ Prague – Futurum
22/10/2019 SK Bratislava – Randal club
23/10/2019 PL Warschau – Proxima
24/10/2019 LT Vilnius – Kablys
25/10/2019 LV Riga – Melna Piektdiena
26/10/2019 EE Talinn – Tapper
27/10/2019 FI Helsinki – On The Rocks
29/10/2019 SE Stockholm – Slykhust
30/10/2019 SE Gothenburg – Pustervik
31/10/2019 NO Oslo – Jon Dee
01/11/2019 DK Copenhagen – Vega
02/11/2019 DE Kassel – Goldgrube
03/11/2019 DE Mannheim – MS Complex
04/11/2019 IT Milano – Legend club
06/11/2019 ES Murcia – Garaje
07/11/2019 ES Malaga – Paris15
09/11/2019 ES Bilbao – Stage Live
10/11/2019 FR Toulouse – Metronum
11/11/2019 FR Niort – Camji
12/11/2019 FR Rennes – Ubu
13/11/2019 FR Savigny Le Temple – L’Empreinte
14/11/2019 BE Antwerp – Zappa
15/11/2019 NL Haarlem – Patronaat
16/11/2019 NL Sittard – Volt
17/11/2019 DE Hamburg – Kulturpalast



Entombed A.D. are:

L-G Petrov – Vocals
Nico Elgstrand – Guitar/Vocals 
Olle Dahlstedt – Drums 
Guilherme Miranda – Guitar

Entombed A.D. online: 



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INSOMNIUM announce new album and European headliner tour

Spearhead of melodic death metal, the grim harbingers of Finnish melancholy, INSOMNIUM are releasing their 8th studio album worldwide on October 4th 2019 through CENTURY MEDIA. In November the band shall embark on a comprehensive European tour with the support from the US extreme metal kings THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and Finland’s fiercest quintet STAM1NA.

INSOMNIUM camp comments: ”Needless to say, we are really stoked about the new album! With ten songs and over an hour of music we really feel we have something special in our hands. There is fury and aggression, doom and gloom, heartache and longing. The whole spectrum of Finnish man’s emotions from despair to regret. In the name of Nordic collaboration the Swedish wizard Jens Bogren has been doing marvelous job with the mixing and mastering, so this is the best sounding Insomnium album ever.

We are also very excited about the upcoming European tour that takes us around the continent in great company. It will be a truly killer package with the support from The Black Dahlia Murder and Stam1na. Surely a night not to be missed!”

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER comment: ”We are beyond excited to have been recognized by Finnish Melodic Death Metal wizards INSOMNIUM as worthy touring companions. I feel like our music is a near perfect match and that it will be an amazing opportunity for us in THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER to reach some new fans this Winter.  Europe… prepare yourselves for the ultimate melodic metal onslaught!”

12.11.2019    (FR)    PARIS    /    Alhambra
13.11.2019    (FR)    BORDEAUX    /    Barbey
14.11.2019    (ES)    BARCELONA    /    Razzmatazz 2
15.11.2019    (ES)    BILBAO    /    Santana 27
16.11.2019    (ES)    MADRID    /    Cats
18.11.2019    (FR)    LYON    /    Ninkasi Kao
19.11.2019    (CH)    PRATTELN    /    Z7
20.11.2019    (AT)    VIENNA    /    Arena
21.11.2019    (PL)    CRACOW    /    Kwadrat
22.11.2019    (PL)    WROCLAW    /    Pralnia
23.11.2019    (CS)    ZLIN    /    Winter Masters of Rock
24.11.2019    (DE)    DRESDEN    /    Reithalle
27.11.2019    (DE)    MUNICH    /    Backstage Werk
28.11.2019    (DE)    LUDWIGSBURG    /    Rockfabrik
29.11.2019    (DE)    LINDAU    /    Club Vaudeville
01.12.2019    (IT)    ROME    /    Largo
02.12.2019    (IT)    TREZZO SULL’ADDA (MILAN)    /    Live Club
04.12.2019    (DE)    LEIPZIG    /    Felsenkeller
05.12.2019    (NL)    LEEUWAARDEN    /    Neushoorn
07.12.2019    (DE)    GEISELWIND    /    Christmas Bash (*)
08.12.2019    (DE)    BERLIN    /    Astra Kulturhaus  
09.12.2019    (DE)    FRANKFURT    /    Batschkapp
10.12.2019    (DE)    HANNOVER    /    Capitol
11.12.2019    (DE)    HAMBURG    /    Markthalle
12.12.2019    (LU)    LUXEMBOURG    /    Den Atelier (*)
13.12.2019    (BE)    ANTWERP    /    Trix (*)
(*) without STAM1NA

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WIEGEDOOD Announce “De Doden Hebben Het Goed” Trilogy Tour 2019


Since the release of their latest album, “De Doden Hebben Het Goed III”, Belgium’s WIEGEDOOD have spent the majority of their time touring around the globe. After headlining tours throughout Europe and North America, as well as supporting Yob in Europe and recently touring the US with Skeletonwitch and Soft Kill, the band is already busy playing summer festivals and selected shows. September will see a number of special shows in Europe.

The band comments: “We are proud to announce “De Doden Hebben Het Goed” Trilogy Tour 2019. Playing the entire three ‘DDHHG’ albums in full, back to back!”

“De Doden Hebben Het Goed” Trilogy Tour 2019

05.09.2019 (UK) London – Boston Music Rooms
06.09.2019 (FR) Paris – La Boule Noire
07.09.2019 (CH) Winterthur – Gaswerk
09.09.2019 (AT) Vienna – Arena
10.09.2019 (DE) Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
11.09.2019 (DE) Hamburg – Hafenklang
13.09.2019 (DE) Cologne – Club Volta
14.09.2019 (NL) Haarlem – Patronaat

You can also catch them on the following dates:

21.06.2019 (BE) Dessel – Graspop Metal Meeting
23.06.2019 (FR) Clisson – Hellfest
28.06.2019 (DE) Berlin – SO36 [with EA80]
29.06.2019 (DE) Leipzig – Conne Island [with EA80]
06.07.2019 (BE) Ieper – Ieperfest
11.07.2019 (DE) Torgau – In Flammen Open Air
12.07.2019 (DE) Münster – Sputnik Cafe
13.07.2019 (BE) Dour – Dour Festival
19.07.2019 (DE) Crispendorf – Chaos Descends Festival 
01.08.2019 (DE) Wacken – Wacken Open Air
04.08.2019 (BE) Lokeren – Lokerse Feesten
23.08.2019 (AT) Kaltenbach – Kaltenbach Open Air
04.10.2019 (BE) Avelgem – Hard Rock Fest


“De Doden Hebben Het Goed III” was released on Century Media Records in 2018.

After being formed in 2014 by Levy Seynaeve (Amenra, Oathbreaker) as well as Wim Coppers and Gilles Demolder (both also in Oathbreaker) WIEGEDOOD quickly became a household name in the European extreme metal scene. Both of their previous albums, “De Doden Hebben Het Goed” and “De Doden Hebben Het Goed II”, as well as their furious and cathartic live performances made waves beyond the realms of black metal. 


Gilles Demolder – Guitars
Wim Coppers – Drums
Levy Seynaeve – Guitars & Vocals


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GRAVE PLEASURES Announce European Dates With Tiger Army in November

Photo by Tekla Valy

Apocalyptic post punks GRAVE PLEASURES will be supporting Tiger Army in November. The band continues to tour their critically acclaimed studio album “Motherblood,” after sold out shows in their home country of Finland and in Germany. 

GRAVE PLEASURES about the tour: “We are delighted to announce that we will tour EU/UK this November 2019 as special guests for Tiger Army! We hope to see as many of you as can make it out to these shows, which will be raucous nights of bone-shaking apocalyptic fire.”



15.11.2019 (DE) Hannover – Indiego Glocksee *
16.11.2019 (DE) Leipzig – Conne Island *
17.11.2019 (DE) Hamburg – Fabrik *
19.11.2019 (DE) Munich – Strom *
20.11.2019 (AT) Vienna – Arena
22.11.2019 (DE) Berlin – Lido *
23.11.2019 (DE) Bochum – Matrix *
25.11.2019 (UK) Nottingham – Rescue Rooms **
26.11.2019 (UK) Manchester – Club Academy **
28.11.2019 (UK) Bristol – The Fleece **
29.11.2019 (UK) London – O2 Academy Islington **

* w/ The Sewer Rats
** w/ The Nightmares 

Tickets are available now! 


Check out the following videos that GRAVE PLEASURES released from “Motherblood”:

“Joy Through Death”
“Be My Hiroshima”
“Infatuation Overkill”
“Mind Intruders”



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BONES UK release ferocious new single “Choke” from self-titled debut LP out 12 July via Sumerian Records

VIEW / SHARE “CHOKE” AT YOUTUBE (t.e2ma.net/click/v2h3ib/b3cwno/jp

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ARCH ENEMY Announce UK Tour Dates With Amon Amarth


Prepare for the Swedish invasion! Sweden’s heavy metal warlords AMON AMARTH are set to crash onto European shores this November and December to raid the continent with their biggest and most ambitious, must-see full production tour to date!  

Joining AMON AMARTH for the three show UK rampage, will be special guests, Swedish titans ARCH ENEMY, touring in support of their 2017 critically acclaimed album “Will To Power” (Century Media Records) and legendary Swedish death metal squad HYPOCRISY.

AMON AMARTH bellows, “We cannot wait to return to Europe and tour the UK with our fellow Swedish Berserkers ARCH ENEMY and HYPOCRISY.  We will be bringing our biggest headlining show yet and this truly is going to be an epic heavy metal party that is not to be missed!”

ARCH ENEMY’s Michael Amott adds , “I can’t think of a better way to wrap up an intense and exciting 2019 ARCH ENEMY touring year than heading back to the UK with our Swedish friends AMON AMARTH and HYPOCRISY! This will be a celebration of everything that is awesome about Heavy Metal, the Scandinavian way! Skål!” 

HYPOCRISY’s Peter Tägtgren states, “HYPOCRISY are very much looking forward to this UK run and to share the stage with AMON AMARTH and ARCH ENEMY. This will be epic!”

ARCH ENEMY continues to tour in support of their 2017 chart-topping tenth full-length album “Will To Power” released by Century Media Records. “Will To Power” is available for purchase HERE


Released in 2017, ARCH ENEMY‘s tenth album was the ultimate statement of heavy metal supremacy from a band that are still growing in stature year over year. The critically acclaimed album is the first the band recorded with their current line-up: Alissa White-Gluz (vocals,) Michael Amott (guitars,) Jeff Loomis (guitars,) Sharlee D’Angelo (bass,) Daniel Erlandsson (drums). Achieving longevity is the toughest challenge that faces any band, but ARCH ENEMY have long since established themselves as a permanent fixture on the global metal scene and continue to uphold and celebrate the heavy metal code.

The band is currently working on their new album. More details to will be announced shortly.

Watch ‘The Eagle Flies Alone’: YouTube
Watch ‘Reason To Believe’: YouTube
Watch ‘The Race’: YouTube

ARCH ENEMY online:


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SABATON Release New Single and Video ‘The Red Baron’

be4f04cc-6acf-4b27-8789-626b82a099c0.jpg 5644ac90-9566-4fa6-9049-fefe90c2930a.jpg
Swedish heavy metal heroes SABATON are set to release their new album “The Great War” on 19 July 2019. Today the band reveals their second single, called ‘The Red Baron’.

Watch the lyric video here: https://youtu.be/3PXzgXBRM_k 

”To not include the story of Manfred von Richthofen, AKA ”The Red Baron” on a concept album of The Great War felt really strange. And since we are aiming higher than before in every way, we are proud to present this single from our upcoming album today”, commented Pär Sundstöm

Get the “The Red Baron” digitally here: http://nblast.de/SabatonTheRedBaron   
Listen in NB New Releases playlist: http://nblast.de/SpotifyNewReleases / http://nblast.de/AppleMusicNewReleases

Also watch:
Album Trailer #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZL8aG9PXtM
‘Fields Of Verdun’ (official video): https://youtu.be/xP8G-LwWNn0  
Get the song digitally here: http://nblast.de/SabatonFieldsOfVerdun

Bassist Pär Sundström comments: “We choose ‘Fields of Verdun’ to be the first single since we felt it represent the album perfect, a classic SABATON metal song which we cannot wait to include in the future setlists. The story of the battle of Verdun is also very representative for the album since it has all elements that identifies with ‘The Great War’. Verdun is so much WW1 that we decided to hold the first album presentation in this city, inviting journalists from around the world to not just hear the album, but also understand the story behind it.

It is the first single from the upcoming album even if we just released ‘Bismarck’, but that song is not from the upcoming album. We decided to write ‘Bismarck’ outside the album since the story does not connect to WW1 and also that it was recorded at a different time. The meaning of this song was a tribute to all fans who have contributed over the years by sending us ideas for future songs, please continue with that!

The release of SABATON’s ninth full-length record perfectly coincides with the band’s 20th anniversary and the concept album is based on events during the First World War.
This ninth full-length record, that will see the light of day right in time for the band’s 20th anniversary, will be a concept album based on events during the First World War and will be available in different formats:

– CD-Digi (History Edition) incl. narrated parts in addition to the album tracks
– CD (Album Edition)
– 2CD Earbook (Album + History Edition)
– 180g LP in various colors (History Edition)
– 180g LP in various colours (Album Edition)
– 3CD/3LP Box (The Great Box Edition) includes: Earbook incl. “The Soundtrack To The Great War” CD,  regular, History & Soundtrack LPs [180g, green], one out of 11 Great War propaganda posters [chosen at random], postcards, emblem, poem on sheet) – limited to 1000
  0acb2cf8-6fe0-47d9-800c-f505711d7b12.jpg   “The Great War” Track List
01. The Future Of Warfare
02. Seven Pillars Of Wisdom
03. 82nd All The Way
04. The Attack Of The Dead Men
05. Devil Dogs
06. The Red Baron
07. Great War
08. A Ghost In The Trenches
09. Fields Of Verdun
10. The End Of The War To End All Wars
11. In Flanders Fields   Pre-order the album here: http://www.sabaton.net/thegreatwar
“The Great War” will be available worldwide through Nuclear Blast Records on 19 July.
The band started the recordings exactly 100 years after the end of the First World War (11/11/1918) and took 3 months of intensive work to complete the album together with their long term producer and partner Jonas Kjellgren at Black Lounge studios. Furthermore, the album has been mastered by Maor Appelbaum and the artwork was once again created by Peter Sallaí.
“This is not the first time we have sung about stories from this period in time, but now we felt the timing was right to make a full concept album about this war”, explain the band. 

Alongside the album, the Swedes have worked hard to make their 20th year anniversary a very exciting year, and also started the SABATON History Channel – a unique collaboration between the band themselves and multimedia historians Indy Neidell and Timeghost – capturing the power of social media to tell stories about the wars, battles and heroes behind SABATON’s songs. Subscribe to the YouTube channel via this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaG4CBbZih6nLzD08bTBGfw

“This is the biggest album we have taken on so far.There is more depth and story around the songs that we have ever had before”, Pär Sundström announces. “Expect many surprises as we have tried new things and we also went back in time to a concept we know a lot of you love. The Great War has been created side by side with the Sabaton History Channel to make 2019 the most exciting year in our 20 year history.”

Many more live shows will be announced shortly, but don’t missthe chance to see SABATON perform their new battle hymns during their summer festival run at one of these dates (including the band’s very own annual SABATON OPEN AIR in their hometown Falun):

SABATON Live 2019 – get your tickets here: https://www.sabaton.net/tour/

15.06. CH       Interlaken – Greenfield Festival
20.06. F          Clisson – Knotfest meets Hellfest
23.06. B          Dessel – Graspop Metal Meeting *SOLD OUT*
26.06. PL        Krakow – Mystic Festival
28.06. E          Madrid – Download Festival
25.07. FIN       Kuopio – Kuopiorock
01.08. D          Wacken – Wacken Open Air *SOLD OUT*
09.08. UK        Derby – Bloodstock Open Air
17.08. S          Falun – Sabaton Open Air
23.08. D          Sulingen – Reload Festival

»The Great Tour« – North America 2019
04.10.  USA     Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Revolution Live
05.10.  USA     St. Petersburg, FL – Janus Landing
06.10.  USA     Atlanta, GA – Center Stage
08.10.  USA     Dallas, TX – House of Blues
10.10.  USA     Phoenix, AZ – The Van Buren
11.10.  USA     Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern
12.10.  USA     San Francisco, CA – The Regency Ballroom
14.10.  USA     Portland, OR – The Roseland Ballroom
15.10.  USA     Seattle, WA – Showbox SoDo
16.10.  CDN     Vancouver, BC – Vogue Theatre
18.10.  CDN     Edmonton, AB – Union Hall
19.10.  CDN     Calgary, AB – The Palace Theatre
21.10.  USA     Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
23.10.  USA     Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre
25.10.  USA     Minneapolis, MN – Skyway Theatre
26.10.  USA     Chicago, IL – The Vic Theatre
27.10.  USA     Cleveland, OH – Agora Ballroom
29.10.  CDN     Toronto, ON – The Danforth Music Hall
30.10.  CDN     Montréal, QC – Mtelus
01.11.  USA     Worcester, MA – Palladium
02.11.  USA     New York, NY – PlayStation Theater
03.11.  USA     Silver Spring, MD – The Fillmore
01.12.  S          Stockholm – Sabaton Cruise *SOLD OUT*


»The Great Tour« – Russia 2020
06.03.    RUS       Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Stolitsa
07.03.    RUS       Vladivostok – Craft
08.03.    RUS       Khabarovsk – Velicano Club
10.03.    RUS       Irkutsk – Wild Horse
11.03.    RUS       Novosibirsk – Dkzh
13.03.    RUS       Moscow – Stadium Live
14.03.    RUS       St. Petersburg – A2 Green Concert
16.03.    RUS       Omsk – Angar
17.03.    RUS       Tyumen – Baikonur
19.03.    RUS       Yekaterinburg – Tele-Club
21.03.    RUS       Ufa – Ogni Ufy
22.03.    RUS       Samara – Zvezda
24.03.    RUS       Volgograd – DKT
26.03.    RUS       Nizhny Novgorod – Milo Concert Hall
28.03.    RUS       Voronezh – Palazzo
29.03.    RUS       Rostov-on-Don – Arena Don
31.03.    RUS       Krasnodar – Arena Hall
02.04.    BY          Minsk – Prime Hall

Get the band’s previous albums as well as lots of merch and special editions in our shop: http://www.nuclearblast.de/shop/sabaton


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